Version 3.0

Since its launch in 2017, the Inclusive Behaviors Inventory (IBI) has gone through several iterations. With every iteration, our goal is to strengthen the validity and reliability of the assessment, and to improve the user's learning and overall experience. We're very excited to share that IBI version 3.0 includes improvements to both the statistical foundations of the IBI and the user's experience with the survey and their results.

The following video summarizes the changes, or read on for more details.

Survey Changes

The following changes to the IBI survey are now available:

  • The survey now includes a Leadership Indicator for users who identify as people managers. The survey updates dynamically to show relevant questions based on the user's role.
  • The survey is growing from 30 items for everyone, to 53 items for individual contributors and 59 items for people managers.
  • A new set of items asks the user to rate both how important and how effective they are at working with different employee populations. For example, a user will rate how effective they are at working with people of a different race or ethnicity, and then rate how important it is to their job to work with people of a different race or ethnicity.
  • The increase in items, changes to the items, and an expansion of the scoring scale have helped the IBI achieve stronger statistical validity and reliability (new technical report available!).

Results Changes

Users will still see their results onscreen in the form of a PDF report. However, the following changes  to the IBI results are now available:

  • In addition to the five dimensions in the Inclusive Behaviors Model, each dimension now includes two sub-dimensions. The user can see scores for the larger dimension and the sub-dimensions. This offers more insight into their scores and where their strengths and areas of improvement lie.
  • Users receive scores on additional Key Indicators vital to creating an inclusive environment: Psychological Safety and Prejudice Reduction.
  • Those who identify as people managers will receive an additional score on the Leadership Indicator.
  • Scores for dimensions, indicators, and items are now presented as percentiles (between 1 and 100), giving a clearer picture of how a user compares to others who have taken the IBI.
  • The report now includes dynamic, smart advice based on the user's score for each dimension and sub-dimension.

User Experience Changes

Everyone can now take the IBI multiple times. This allows those who have taken version 2.0 to experience the new version, and allow any user of the IBI to see how they have improved their scores over a period of time. This Retake functionality makes the IBI ideal for use in a pre-/post- environment.

Users who have taken version 2.0 will see a green on-screen message prompting them to take the new version. 

Questions or Comments?

We welcome your questions and feedback about the IBI 3.0. Please reach out to your GlobeSmart Engagement Manager or contact us at anytime.

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